Droushia Heights Hotel is fully booked and Akamas Health Farm & Spa is only available for check in on the 28th of May 2018 onwards. However, there are a few double rooms available for the 27th of May at Natura Beach Hotel and Villas, which is situated in Poli Chrysochous (20 minutes drive from Droushia). Therefore, please note that if your arrival is on the 27th of May, we can settle your stay for the 27th of May at Natura Beach Hotel and Villas and then transfer you at Akamas Health Farm & Spa.
Please note that in this case, the organizers will arrange a shuttle bus to transfer you at Akamas Health Farm & Spa on the 28th of May.
In case you need any further information, please send us an email at synedrio@topkinisis.com.
If you wish to share a room with other participants, please note that only one of you should proceed with the accommodation booking. Please use the website FORUM  if you wish to find someone to share your room with during ISEP 2018: http://www.isep18.com/forums/topic/hotel-accommodation/ 
Accommodation Update – 12/03/2018

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