“Little Monsters” – Life under the microscope

On the 27th of May, 2018, between 1 to 5 pm, we will organise a day-event entitled “Little Monsters” at Droushia Heights in Droushia (conference venue). During this event, we will install several microscopes (some with cameras and screens; kindly provided by the University of Cyprus and the American International School in Cyprus) and we will provide fixed and live samples of noninfectious microbial eukaryotes along with soil and water samples from local areas of Cyprus, in order for the visitors to look at them. Experts in the field will be present to show the participants of how to use the microscopes and explain what they are observing.

On boards, we will hang posters describing the evolution and diversity of these organisms, in a language that is easily described to non-scientists.

For kids, we will have a variety of games, to show them how complicated, interesting and beautiful a microorganisms are.

If you are interested on participate to this event, you can purchase a free-of-charge ticket from the following link: