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Monday 28/05/2018

Session 1: Mitochondrial Evolution I

Alexey Smirnov – Evolutionary  changes  of  the  mitochondrial  genome  among  amoebae  of  the  order Vannellida  (Amoebozoa,  Discosea)

Courtney Stairs – Identification  of  a  BolA-like  protein  in Giardia  intestinalis:  a  new  Fe-S  cluster assembly  factor in mitomes

Euki Yazaki – Mitochondrial genome of strain SRT308: insights into structure and gene content of the ancestral euglenozoan mitochondrial genome

Gertraud Burger – Eccentricities of mitochondrial genomes across diplonemids

Session 2: Mitochondrial Evolution II

Sergio A. Muñoz-Gómez – The nature of the mitochondrial ancestor

Tomo Nozaki – A  lineage-specific  mitosomal  membrane  protein  possibly  involved  in vacuole-mitosome  contact  in Entamoeba histolytica

Iosif Kaurov – The role of kinetoplastid MICOS complexin cristae shaping and intermembrane space import.

Lukas V. F. Novak – A comparative  genomic  study  on  metabolism  and  cell  biology of  Preaxostyla flagellates.

Lyto Yiangou – Exploring the anaerobic adaptations of the mitochondrion – related organelles of Blastocystis

Session 3: Parasite Genomics and Evolution

Luis Galindo – Evolutionary genomics of Metchnikovella incurvata (Metchnikovellidae), an early branching microsporidian

Martin Kolisko – Phylogeny  and  evolution  of  a  new  parasitic  lineage  closely  related  to Apicomplexa   

Feifei Xu – New complete genome of Giardia intestinalis reveals interesting structural variation  

David Bass – Phylogenetic  position  and  description  of  a  novel  unicellular  holozoan  parasite  isolated from  the  amphipod  Echinogammarus  marinus

Anna Nenarokova – Genomics  of  Blastocrithidia, the  trypanosomatid  with  all  three  stop  codons  reassigned

Alejandro Jiménez-González – Metabolic differences between Giardia  intestinalis and Giardia  muris: Minor differences with  a  major  evolutionary impact?

Session 4: Phylogeny, Taxonomy and diversity

Gordon Lax – Novel  insights  into  Ploeotids,  a  non-monophyletic  group  of  phagotrophic euglenids  that are  pivotal  in  understanding  euglenid  evolution

Bernardo de Haro Reyes – Studying  marine:freshwater  transitions

Denis Lynn – Licnophora(Spirotrichea,  Licnophoria): a hypotrich-like  spirotrich

Ekaterina Volkova – How to distinguish Neoparamoeba (Amoebozoa,  Dactylopodida)  species

Maksim Melekhin – How do you find it? Dualistic approach reveals novel Paramecium species

Sun Young Kim – New sequence data of Nassulidae species (Ciliophora: Nassophorea: Nassulida) from Korea

Thomas Cavalier-Smith – The  eukaryote  root  and  chromist  monophyly:  evidence  from  ultrastructure,  cell  biology  and  sequence  trees

Sergey Karpov – Two chytrid-like  parasites  form  a  novel  divergent  fungal  clade

Tuesday 29/05/2018

Session 5: Plastid Evolution I

Abdoallah Sharaf – Isolation of Intact Plastids and Mitochondria from Chromera velia

Anna Karnkowska – Dynamic  evolution  of  inverted  repeats  in  Euglenophyta  plastid  genomes

Kristína Záhonová – A  novel  lineage  of  non-pohotosynthetic  chlamydomonadalean  algae with a peculiar  plastid  genome

Lucia Hadariová – Lipidomic analysis of the secondary endosymbiosis-derived  plastid  of the  flagellate Euglena gracilis

Session 6: Plastid Evolution II

Anna Novák Vanclova – Investigating the protein composition of plastid envelope membranes and plastid protein  targeting and import in Euglena gracilis

Ryoma Kamikawa – Diversity  of  genomes  and  functions  in  non-photosynthetic  plastids of Ochrophyta 

Petr Soukal – Gene  Transfer  Accompanying  the  Secondary  Endosymbiosis  of  Euglenid  Plastid

Yoshihisa Hirakawa – A  novel  highly  expressed  plastid  protein  in  chlorarachniophytes

Ansgar Gruber – Nucleotide  biosynthesis  and  transport  in  diatoms

Session 7: Genomes and Transcriptomes I   

Marek Elias – Protists  as  a  goldmine  of  non-standard  variants  of  the  genetic  code

Franz Lang – Comparative analysis of malawimonad and jakobid nuclear genomes 

Alastair GB Simpson – Biodiversity and Evolution of Halophilic Protozoa

Dayana Elizabeth Salas Leiva – A  draft  genome of Carpediemonas  membranifera   reveals  that  several  metabolic components  were  lost  early  in  metamonad  evolution,  prior  to the  origin  of  diplomonad  parasites.

Gareth Bloomfield – Rampant recombination and reassortment during dictyostelid sex

Ian Hu – Permanently Condensed yet Active? The Unorthodox Chromosome Organisation of the Dinoflagellates

Session 8: Genomes and Transcriptomes II

Magdalena Płecha – Annotation – directed  draft genome  of the non -model  species Euglena hiemalis

Serafim Nenarokov – Detection and Removal of Cross- Contaminations  from  Transcriptome Sequencing  Projects.

Shinichiro Maruyama – Evolution  of  exonic  nucleotide  variation  at  the  exon-intron  boundary  in coral  symbiotic  dinoflagellates

Session 9: Phylogenomics

Guifré Torruella – The transcriptome of Paraphelidium  tribonemae illuminates the ancestry of Fungi

Eleni Gentekaki – Phylogenomics  of  the  phylum  Ciliophora 

Johana Rotterova – Phylogenomic analysis of SAL super-group (Ciliophora), including novel marine lineages of anaerobic ciliates, which host prokaryotic symbionts

Naoji Yubuki – Ancient adaptive lateral  gene  transfers  in  the  symbiotic Opalina – Blastocystis

Wednesday 30/05/2018

Session 11: P-UK session: Protist Symbionts/Microbiome Interactions I

Alan Warren – Accumulation and dissolution of magnetite crystals in a magnetically responsive ciliate

Elena Sabaneyeva – Symbiotic  associations  in  ciliates  and  the  holobiont  concept

Georgia Ward – Exploring the role of copepods as hosts of ascetosporean parasites using PCR probing and metagenomics

Session 12: P-UK session: Protist Symbionts/Microbiome Interactions II

Christopher Paight – The great escape from parasitism

Emma Betts – Prevalence of intestinal protists among captive animals in wildlife parks across Kent.

Peter Vdacny – Evolutionary  history  of  the  metopid-clevelandellid  group  (Ciliophora, Armophorea): endosymbionts  diversify  much  more  rapidly  than  free-living  lineages

Sebastian Cristian Treitli – An  individual  look  at  the  oxymonad Streblomastix  strix and  its  bacterial symbionts  using  single  cell  genomics

Sonja Rueckert – Gregarines:  parasites,  commensals  or  even  mutualists

Thursday 31/05/2018

Session 13: Comparative Cell Biology I

Ross Waller – Global  mapping  of  protein  subcellular  location  illuminates  the  function and evolution  of  apicomplexan  cells

Michelle Leger – Anaerobic ATP generation  enzymes  in  microbial  opisthokonts

Fiona Henriquez – Characterisation of sterol and amino acid biosynthesis pathways in Acanthamoeba species 

Jan Tachezy – Anaerobic peroxisomes in Mastigamoeba balamuthi

Session 14: Comparative Cell Biology II

Joel B. Dacks – The genome of Mantamonad sp. str. SRT306 illuminates the evolutionary dynamics of membrane-trafficking machinery in eukaryotes

Ludek Koreny – Evolutionary conservation within the apical complex: Insight from newly discovered conoid-associated proteins  in Toxoplasma gondii

Micah Dunthorn – Independent Reduction of Meiotic Crossover Pathway 1 in the Alveolates

Shweta V. Pipaliya – Evolution  of  the  endolysosomal  ESCRT  sub-complexes  in  the  parasitic Giardia intestinalis and  its  fornicate  relatives.

Sven B. Gould – Retention of  anaerobic  physiology  in  phototrophic  eukaryotes

Session 15: LECA

Laura Eme – Pinpointing the Root of Extant Eukaryotic Diversity

Celine Petitjean – Rooting  the  eukaryotic  radiation  with  new  models  of  genome  evolution

Lael Barlow – A sophisticated, differentiated Golgi in the ancestor of eukaryotes

Paulo Gonzalez Hofstatter – The Archaeal origin of eukaryotic  nuclear  mismatch  repair

Romana Petrželková – A  phylogenetically  broad  analysis  of  protist  genomes  unveils  the  a ncestral eukaryotic  complexity  of  the  Ras  superfamily  of  GTPases  and  novel  aspects of eukaryotic cell  biology

Sriram Garg – A roadmap to eukaryogenesis

Session 16: Poster Session

Ales Tomcala – Tracking  ingest  glycine  via  labelledisotope  and  metabolomics  to  show  mixotrophy  in  Chromeravelia,  an  apicomplexan  cousin   

Charou Jaisswar – The  effect  of  Anandamide  and  Cannabidiol  on  feeding  in  Tetrahymena  pyriformis

Christopher Warren – Investigating  the  Mitochondrial  Adaptations  of  Proteromonas lacertae 

Eleanna KazanaNaegleria  gruberi as  new  model  for  investigating  the  evolution  and  cell  biology  of eukaryotes

Elena NassonovaMolecular  phylogeny  of  metchnikovellids  (Microsporidia:  Opisthosporidia).

Goro Tanifuji Comparative  genomics  of  photosynthetic  and  non-photosynthetic  Cryptomonas (Cryptophyta) species

Imen Lassadi – Unravelling a novel packaging of chromatin in dinoflagellates

Irina Nekrasova Unexpected F2 lethality in interstrain crosses of Paramecium tetraurelia

Israa Al-hammadi – Actions of cannabinoids on amoebae

Kamyshatskaya Oksana – Diversity and phylogeny of the amoeba genus Deuteramoeba (Amoebozoa,Tubulinea)

Kateřina Poláková Anaerobic  scuticociliates:  A  diverse  ciliate  lineage  hosting  ecologically important symbiotic  prokaryotes.

Kirill Lotonin Nivå Bay (Baltic Sea, The Sound): case study of the lasting evolution of amoebae fauna in a local habitat

Lubomir Rajter Phylogenetic relationships among free-living litostomateans in the light of  18S  rRNA  gene-ITS  region  sequences  and  secondary  structure  of  the ITS2  molecule

Mami Nomura Identification  of  cement-like  substance  connecting  silica  scales in  testate amoeba Paulinella  chromatophora  and  its  evolution

Mara Adela Boboc Phagocytic processes in Tetrahymena  pyriformis

Mariana Rius Evidence of horizontal gene transfer of carotenogenesis  in  the  heterotrophic stramenopile, Aurantiochytrium  limacinum

Nadia Wanlahbeh Investigation  of  the  role  of  peroxisome  proliferator-activated  receptors in the  endocannabinoid  system  of  Tetrahymena  pyriformis

Ondrej Brzon Oxymonads  in  the  gut  of  Reticulitermes  flavipes

Stepanka Hrda – Energetical  metabolismus  of  heterotrophic  euglenoid  Rhabdomonas  costata

 Takuro Nakayama Genome  analysis  of a symbiotic  cyanobacterium  in  a  dinophysialean dinoflagellate, Ornithocercus  magnificus  

Vasana Jinatham Diversity  and  prevalence  of  Blastocystis  in  asymptomatic  volunteers living  in  Chiang  Rai  Province,  Thailand

Xiaozhong Hu – Diversity studies on Thuricola Kent, 1881, a poorly-known genus (Ciliophora,  Peritrichia)

Yelisei Mezentsev – The  genus  Thecamoeba  (Amoebozoa,  Discosea):  morphological  characters  appear  to  be  congruent  with  the  molecular  phylogeny 

Yuu Ishii Simple  addition  or  depletion  of  uracil  can  regulate  the  switch for controlling  symbiosis between  cnidarian  host  and pyrimidine  auxotroph Symbiodinium  mutant 

Sourish Bhattacharya Bioprospecting  of  marine  resources  for  biopolymer  production

Kristina Prokina – Diversity, morphology and phylogenetic placement of centrohelid heliozoans from different-type freshwater and marine habitats.

Friday 1/06/2018

Session 18: Ecology and Biogeography  

Alexander Kudryavtsev – Naked  lobose  amoebae  (Amoebozoa)  from  marine  habitats:  implications  of  comparative data  on  their  occurrence  in  deep  and  shallow  habitats

Anna Maria Fiore-Donno – Worldwide  diversity  of  Cercozoa:  summary  of  our  current  studies

Daniel J. Richter – The  most  transcriptionally  active  eukaryotic  plankton  in  the  surface  oceans:  who  is doing  what,  and  where?

Julius Lukes – The colorful molecular biology  of  monoxenous  trypanosomatids

Stas Malavin – Permafrost soil protist communities a snapshot of evolution

Session 19: New Species and Genera

Andrew Roger – The  evolution  of  genomes,  organelles  and  endosymbionts  of  free-living  anaerobic  protists

Pavla Hanouskova – Unexpected diversity of  the peculiar genus Creneis (Excavata: Heterolobosea)

Yana Eglit – Novel  lineages  of  free-living  anaerobic  eukaryotes  identified  through cultivation  of  predators  and  extremophiles

Session 20: Plenary Lecture 

Yuji Inagaki – Novel  eukaryotes  for  elucidating  the  early  evolution  of  eukaryotes