Abstract Guidelines

Abstract deadline is February 15th, 2018. Abstract submission is not a requirement of registration, and delegates can register at any time and then choose to later submit an abstract.

Abstracts should be submitted online as word documents. Please adhere to the following formatting conventions for abstracts:

• Times New Roman font and right-justified
• Title in size 14, and bold
• Author list in size 12 and bold, with author affiliations denoted by superscript numerals and listed below in size 12 italics
• Abstract body in size 12, indented to begin, 300 words maximum

A sample abstract is available to download here: Sample Abstract

Please also specify whether you wish to give a talk, a poster or both/either when submitting your abstract.

We hope to see you in May for or the XXII meeting of the International Society of Evolutionary Protistology!

Presentation (required)TalkPosterBoth